Memory Foam Knee Pillow By The Tiny Sofa

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If you want to sleep and feel better, you'll want to try out the Memory Foam Knee Pillow By The Tiny Sofa! This product provides many benefits for an affordable price. This product will significantly change your life!

Memory Foam
The Memory Foam Knee Pillow is made from 100% premium quality cut memory foam to provide long lasting comfort for hours. This product is a superior alternative to other pillows and it won't go flat over time

Comfort & Support
The Memory Foam pillow helps relieves a number of aches and ailments including issues with sciatic nerve, hip, knee, ankle joint, and lower back pain and can also reduce pain from bursitis, osteoarthritis, surgery, and pregnancy. The body adapts easily to this pillow - sleep better in just a few nights!

Ergonomic Design
The innovative design allows for hip alignment for side sleepers, and aligns your legs, hips, and spine to allow for better leg circulation.

Washable & Breathable Cover
The Memory Foam pillows are made of hypoallergenic material. The removable covers keep you cool and are machine washable. (gentle cycle & air dried)

Satisfaction Guaranteed
You're satisfaction is our top priority! To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we offer credit, exchanges and money back guarantees. Sleep Like A Baby!