Suede Moccasins by The Tiny Sofa

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How Cute Are These Suede Moccasins!
Suede Moccasins by The Tiny Sofa are extremely an amazing gift to your babies wardrobe!

So many great outfit combinations.

So many amazing pictures!

The Suede Moccasins by The Tiny Sofa by The Tiny Sofa is perfect for newborns and infants (0 - 18 months). 
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The Bear Claw  Baby Slippers by The Tiny Sofa come in many beautiful colors! Additionally, some moccasins styles have fur lining for added warmth and aesthetic! 

These  Baby Slippers are made from 100% Cotton Blend. And they are extremely soft, warm and comfortable for your baby. Lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement.

Perfect Gift
These Suede Moccasins are a perfect gift for any occasion. Baby Birthday, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal. This will be the best gift for any little one! 

These Suede Moccasins by The Tiny Sofa are offered in 3 basic sizes for three age ranges.