The Fluffy Animal Tiny Sofa

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The Fluffy Animal Tiny Sofa is an extremely fun and supportive for your little one. The plush interior provides significant support for your infant. There are also multiple styles that will be extremely cute anywhere in your house.

The Fluffy Animal tiny sofa is perfect for newborns and infants (5 - 12 months). 



The Fluffy Animal Tiny Sofas come in 7 incredible designs! Tiny Sofas are designed to look like your child's favorite animal characters.
So Fun! 

The Fluffy Animal Tiny Sofas are lined with soft plush material. This helps make the sofa extremely soft and lightweight. These tiny sofas are perfect for your baby's soft skin. Fine stitching promotes a long lasting product. 

The Fluffy Animal Tiny Sofa dimensions are shown in the diagram below.