Water Mat Baby Cushion by The Tiny Sofa

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Your baby is getting so big and strong! It's time for them to work on their shoulder, neck and back strength. The Water Mat Baby Cushion by The Tiny Sofa allows your baby to enjoy "training". They will be focused and enamored by the colorful under the sea fishes and star fish, while building stability in their shoulders, back and neck!
This is an essential product for your baby's growth and at an even better price!
RATED 5 STARS! ★★★★★

Premium Quality
Our water play mat is made with BPA free PVC, thick enough and leak-proof, providing you with a mess free fun way to entertain your baby boy or girl. Please leave it for a while when you receive it to fade the plastic smell.

Training Toy
If your babies hate tummy time. The Tiny Sofa Water Mat will be your perfect choice. It allows you baby to reach and pull preparing them to sit up, roll over, and crawl.Developing their shoulders, arms, neck and upper back muscles and as well as practice their motor skills.

The Tiny Water Mat Is FUN!
Let your baby swim in a colorful sea world right in the middle of your living room! Your babies have fun squeezing, squishing and pressing the water mat and trying to crawl the floating foam toys in it. It is an imagination wonderland for your little one.

Easy To Use
Open the biggest valve first and fill the mat with tap water. Then, open the small valve and inflate with air the frame of the Mat. When not in use, the water can be drained and the mat can be folded and store. Younger babies usually need more air for more support.

Product Specs
The Tiny Sofa Water Mat is about 26 in x 20 inches, suitable for ages 3 months and up infants. A great gift for newborn babies.